The Publishing Journey for Modern Authors

A Team from the First Draft to Publication

We coach and support authors through a 30-60 day presale effort that helps each author activate and grow their audience as well as provides them with templates to drive great outcomes.

We equip authors with an editorial and marketing team for their book. Since we know word of mouth is the single greatest driver for a book’s long-term success, we also help authors develop and engage with their audience throughout the process, so they publish a high-quality book that both meets and breaks their readers’ expectations.

Structural Editor: Reviews the initial twenty pages of your book to determine whether your book has potential. Our imprints only accept around 17% of submissions. Manuscripts Press under which you will be publishing is even stricter due to competitiveness in the fiction genre.

Developmental Editor: Reviews an author’s first draft manuscript and offers structural support and revision feedback for plot holes, character arcs, and the bigger picture.

Publishing Strategist: Organizes the logistics and weekly schedule over the course of an author’s publishing journey. Helps them develop their publishing strategy and onboards them to our publishing community and process.

Marketing & Revisions Editor: Helps authors pre-sell their first 150-200+ copies of their book and guides them through launch and marketing upon release. Works with authors to optimize their social media and online presence and helps them organize book tours and paid speaking opportunities. Focuses on supporting authors through the four-phase revision process, starting with their Structural Editor feedback, including content and beta reader feedback revisions, and finally a round of copy editing and proofreading.

Cover Designer: Incorporates an author’s ideas into an innovative cover design that captures the essence of their story, grabs readers’ attention, and matches market trends & genre expectations.

Copy Editor and Proofreader: Provides a grammar and punctuation review. Also ensures consistency of tone, flow, and continuity throughout the manuscript.

Layout Editor: Typesets an author’s manuscript and prepares their physical book and digital e-book for print and online distribution

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When an author submits a manuscript, we do abbreviated initial feedback to determine if the manuscript is ready to move forward with publishing. We then accept it or recommend the author to one of our writing boot camps or additional editorial support.

After a manuscript is accepted, the author will schedule a call with one of our Publishing Strategists to develop a plan and determine if we are a good fit to publish and support your book. They will then complete a publishing agreement and make a refundable $300 deposit to confirm their commitment to the publishing process and joining our community.

We then produce a short book trailer (target length: 1:30-3:00) and other initial book marketing assets for the author to use during their presale phase. After the presale, authors work with their Marketing & Revisions Editor (MRE) to create more detailed structural and content feedback for revisions.

Month 1 = Developmental edits

Month 2 = Prelaunch effort and audience building

Month 3 = Revisions and editing; begin the cover design process

Month 4 = Revisions and editing; incorporating beta reader feedback and securing early praise

Month 5 = Copy editing and proofreading

Month 6 = Layout and final preparation for publication

Month 7 = Launch and release your book on Amazon and other major retail channels online (and in select physical retailers)


Upon Acceptance

Our goal is to help authors produce their best work. If an author needs more time or additional support,

we work with the author and develop a plan to help them succeed.