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How Our Award-Winning Modern Author Pub Works

Modern Author Publishing

Our Process is designed for:

Our expertise lies in working one-on-one with you to produce, publish, and launch a category-defining book, and we build a team of revision experts, copy editors, cover designers, and marketing specialists that help you turn your manuscript into a book that produces life-long ROI.

We help our clients design a book that elevates their profile and drives value to their business and platform by helping you set up a system with a playbook to activate your audience and launch a recommendable book.






Here's Your Dedicated Book Team





Working with your Launch Specialist. The biggest risk in a book? Missing the word-of-mouth flywheel. Great books are recommendable but to create the flywheel you'll need to design a system to get the book into category, topic, and genre influencers. Our "audience activation" process leverages a powerful approach to involve fans, friends, and connections in the book development process turning them into fans.

Working with your Structural Editor, Revisions Editor, Copy Editor, and Proofreader. Exceptional books are revised and edited. 1) Editor Feedback 2) Early Reader Feedback 3) Copy Editor 4) Proofreader. We help you get early feedback, revise, and polish your book up to style and publishing standards -- a system of writing rituals that activate your audience and last well beyond the book.





Working with your Design Team. Most authors want to have a "professional, simple, and clean" book design. How do you create an exceptional book? 1) Beautiful Cover 2) an easy-to-read Interior Design. People do judge books by their cover. Our design team has designed award-winning book covers. We will guide you through a design process to create an engaging book cover and layout readers will enjoy when they buy your book.

Working with your Publishing & Tour Team. By the time your book is ready to be published & launched, you'll want to transition into category capture to turn your book into a machine that expands your voice and reach. This is how you turn your book into press, speaking tours, TED Talks, workshops, reviews, book awards, and more. We describe this process as "winning opening weekend" which creates massive value.


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