Our Partners

Manuscripts is proud to partner with other organizations that seek to empower diverse voices through the written word. We take pride in choosing our partners with care and strive for mutual success.

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New Degree Press

New Degree Press is a community-owned hybrid publishing house that blends the best aspects of self and traditional publishing. NDP helps writers turn their drafted manuscripts into books through a unique 6-10 month process that utilizes cutting-edge publishing strategies such as event-driven campaigns to fund the publishing process and community-driven workshops to make the act of writing and publishing feel less lonely.


While NDP accepts manuscripts from all genres, it specializes in works rooted in thought leadership with authors looking for ways to promote career advancement.

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Yoke and Abundance Press

Yoke and Abundance Press is a branch of Yoke and Abundance, a career and life coaching business by entrepreneur Alisha Wielfaert. Alisha’s mission through Yoke and Abundance is to empower women to unapologetically live and speak their truth and step into their purpose. Yoke and Abundance press builds on this mission by seeking to elevate marginalized and underrepresented voices through a publishing process that is accessible to a wider audience.


If your book resides in the memoir, personal development, or thought leadership space, Yoke and Abundance Press might be the right publisher for you. You must be a member of the Yoke and Abundance community to publish through Yoke and Abundance Press.

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The Prose Press

The Prose Press is a publishing branch of The Prose, a creative hub for writes to post their work in a serialized fashion and connect directly with their readers. Like its parent company, The Prose Press is a diverse press, accepting manuscripts in genre fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, poetry, and standard nonfiction.


You must be a member of The Prose community to publish through The Prose Press.

Creative Program

Book Creators

Book Creators is a community-powered writing course that helps new authors turn an idea into a full-fledged manuscript. Over the course of 5 months, you will embark on a one-of-a-kind book writing experience powered by weekly live sessions, one-on-one coaching with an editor, author circles to collaborate with fellow authors, and a shared community. From writing to editing, to marketing your book, Book Creators will give you the necessary tools to create a better first draft and set your book up for success.

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Author Resource Partner


Pangea is a hub for creative freelancers in college, post-grad, and doctorate programs or who have recently graduated, giving them a flexible way to use their skills and make money while pursuing a degree. Manuscripts has partnered with Pangea to train Publicity Assistants for authors who wish to acquire additional marketing, social media, or other book-related help throughout the publishing process.

Author Resource Partner


PubVendo is a disruptive digital agency that uses data and technology to discover and connect with an author’s target audience. Manuscripts has partnered with PubVendo to give authors discounted access to PubVendo’s services.