After seeing the success of authors who published through our sister imprint, New Degree Press, and the influx of those writing fiction in the form of novels, we wanted to create a program where fiction could continue to thrive. Designed, tailored, and supported.


Thus, Manuscripts Press was born.

We are a community-owned publishing imprint for fiction authors that blends the best aspects of self and traditional publishing. Authors retain 100% of the rights to their book, while receiving the structure of a publishing program, accountability of a creative community, and the knowledge of publishing professions. We help writers turn their drafted manuscripts into beautiful books through a unique 7-month publishing process that utilizes cutting-edge publishing strategies such as event-driven campaigns and live workshops to make the act of editing and publishing feel less lonely.

Together, we’ll help you create and publish a book you are proud of.

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Provide quality education, resources, and coaching to guide authors through the writing, revising, editing, and marketing process of publishing.



Empower people from all backgrounds and demographics to find and use their voice with confidence so their stories can touch others and inspire them to do the same.



Foster a passion for writing and storytelling in individuals and create a positive social impact that could lead to a transition from a hobby to a professional writing career.

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Everyone in our community is empowered to access book publishing and activate robust writers’ communities to further positive change. We embrace accessibility in all of its forms—financial, accommodations, and coaching.

Manuscripts is a public benefit corporation. We were officially B-Corp certified in 2022 for our work bringing equity & access to publishing, with a model based on transparency and social good. Our first imprint, New Degree Press, has published over 1500 authors since 2017.



Manuscripts Press’ process is grounded in a “creation-based learning” pedagogy. Our goal is to provide an empowering and well-rounded publishing experience. We walk authors through all aspects of the publishing process, from prelaunch, revisions, and cover design to layout, marketing, and printing.

We make the experience rich and fulfilling for each author, giving them agency and autonomy over the decisions related to their book with the support of experienced professionals. Our beliefs are rooted in the “author as owner” philosophy.


We believe writing, storytelling, and publishing starts at the community level and have made community the core of everything we do.

  • We help each author build and activate their community through pre-selling their work.

  • We teach authors how to engage directly with their audiences.

  • Authors have a community-powered launch and marketing effort both before and after releasing their book.

  • Our active alumni network, post-publishing courses, and community of author coaches and mentors support our authors after they publish.

Publishing a book does not happen in a vacuum. Because we believe that stories have a global impact, our authors are encouraged to develop a strategy that involves donating a portion of book profits or royalties to community organizations and local issues. Books can and should be a force for social good—both in the ideas they present and stories they tell and in the financial impact of profits and book sale royalties. Our authors in the New Degree Press program have donated profits to food banks, community organizations, scholarship funds for schools, and more.


Manuscripts Press publishes books that elevate stories, narratives, and issues that are often under-represented in the world of traditional publishing by empowering creators and storytellers of all kinds to share their stories their way. We vet each editor, designer, and coach with diversity and professionalism in mind. More needs to be done to bring “true equity” to publishing and authorship as a whole. We are proud to embrace diversity in all its forms throughout the publishing process.

What Makes Us A Great Fit for Modern Authors?

A Reader-centric Approach

Books are designed and published to help readers learn, imagine, and dream. We encourage our authors to publish with readers in mind so that their stories can be the catalyst for positive change in their readers’ lives. You never know who needs to hear the story you have to tell and what kind of impact your words can have.

Publishing With Readers in Mind


From the front cover to the back, our books are designed to reflect the essence of the story and hook readers from the get-go. Our talented design team works with you to create the very best cover for your book, keeping in mind your distinct vision, your book’s niche genre, and market trends.


We work with authors to develop books that matter — introducing them to people, characters, storylines, and words that impact readers in real and deep ways. We employ some of the world's best storytellers as editors and have developed a unique approach to editing support that blends the science of story and structure with the art of emotion.


We have a range of titles to help our readers become agents of social change and impact their lives, networks, and organizations. Our authors share a passion for making the world a better place and for putting a “ding in the universe” as Steve Jobs would say. We support authors in building a community as they publish, creating opportunities for their community to collaborate and actively participate in the publication of each book. From helping decide on the design of the cover to reading sections of the book early and giving feedback, as well as participating in virtual events, book readings, and author Q&A events that bring authors and their readership together, we encourage our authors to get their community involved in their publishing journey.

At Manuscripts Press, our authors always own their work and all derivative rights. As the owner of their work, they collect all royalties (and profits from book sales) when they publish. Our role is to help them produce, publish, and sell their books. We also connect creators from all backgrounds worldwide and help give a voice to those who thought publishing their work was impossible.

Our publishing model starts with a presale campaign designed to help authors build an audience and offset production costs, so authors are profitable when they publish. If an author is unable to reach the presale goal, they are under no obligation to publish with Manuscripts Press. We will refund the preorders, or they have the option of supplementing the difference.

We bring a unique approach to the editorial process utilizing new strategies across neuroscience, big data, and machine learning to identify keys to a successful book for any authors and an award-winning editorial team in which each of our editorial departments has, on average, at least a decade of experience in publishing, writing, production and design, and marketing.