We help executives, coaches, business owners, & thought leaders write, publish, and launch their books. 

We help executives, coaches, business owners, & thought leaders write, publish, and launch their books. 

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Haley Hoffman Smith

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Navid Dazemian

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Morgan Wider

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Jennifer Marr

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Nicole Bianchi

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Derek Gaunt

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Vik Kapoor

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Rachel Kitchen

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Jennifer Gaynor

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Nate Androsky

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Jason Levin

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Terry B. McDougall


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Stories of Our Authors

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Ashlee Berghoff
CEO of A Squared, a systems design consulting firm; award-winning author of Eureka Results.


Nicole Bianchi
Partner at Bravium, Keynote speaker and corporate trainer 


Nate Androsky
Cofounder of Creative Science Labs, Author of Decoding the Why, bestselling guide on behavior science


Morgan Wider
Grown business, coaching, podcast & speaking through her book, A Worthy Wardrobe.


Kyle Garman
Ioatp Book of the Year; SAP Executive; Partnered with nonprofit NFTE to have his book taught in 1,000s of schools


Michael Dumlao 
Senior Brand & Diversity Advisor at Booz Allen, Author of "The Wisdom of Guncles"


Rachel Kitchen 
CEO of Level Up For Life Coach, LLC, Author of "Doubt Your Doubts"


Terry McDougall
Top Executive Coach and Business Transformation Expert; Developed new podcast series on Winning the Game of Work


Valeria Aloe

Named Top 50 Women in Business in New Jersey in 2020 and 5th most influential Hispanic in New Jersey in 2021.

Jason Levin.jpeg

Jason Levin

CEO of Ready Set Launch, Author of Relationships to Infinity


Derek Gaunt
Former hostage negotiator, Principle Black Swan Group, Signed with CAL Entertainment as a professional speaker


Jen Marr
Founder of Inspiring Comfort; Her book Paws to Comfort has been taught to thousand of 'comfort coaches'

Start Building Your Category-Defining Book With Us

A Quick Overview of the Process

Modern Author Accelerator TM

The Author Accelerator is designed for:





Our expertise lies in working one-on-one with you to develop, write, and launch a category-defining book, and we build a team of positioning coaches, editors, revision experts, and marketing specialists that help turn your insights and stories into a book that produces life-long ROI.

We help our clients design a book that elevates their profile and drives value to their business by helping you set up a system to create book content and activate your audience.





The #1 mistake we see with clients is trying to write "what's in your head." Two keys to positioning your book? 1) Unconventional Insight 2) Emotional Triggers. Exceptional books make people think and feel This is what makes a book recommendable and makes it possible for you to define and own a category through your book.

Once you understand the architecture of the book, the creation process changes dramatically as a professional team of editors and specialists works with you to create content that fits into the structures of the book. We help you develop a process to capture, organize, structure, and write -- a system of writing rituals that last well beyond the book





The biggest risk in a book? Missing the word-of-mouth flywheel.  Great books are recommendable but to create the flywheel you'll need to design a system to get the book into category and topic influencers. Our "audience activation" process leverages a powerful approach to involve fans, friends, and connection in the book development process turning them into work of mouth accelerants.

By the time your book is ready to be published & launched, you'll want to transition into category capture to turn your book into a machine that expands your voice and reach. This is how you turn your book into press, speaking tours, TED Talks, workshops, clients, leads, new products or services, and more. We describe this process as "winning opening weekend" which creates massive value.


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