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Manuscripts’ goal is to create a safe, educational space for writers and aspiring authors to find their voice and expand on the knowledge of writing, editing and publishing. A group of published authors and author coaches campaigning for inclusion, equality and accessibility in all aspects of the publishing process provide free, high-quality content to be passed onto the next generation of artists.

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Educational Resources


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The Manuscripts YouTube channel does livestreams every Monday, along with other video content to help you become a better author.


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Writers love templates and worksheets, which is why we created our own to better help authors dive into the world of writing.


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Our team is dedicated to bringing you insightful tips and insights. The world of writing is deep and complex, and we make it easier to understand.

Our Partners


Eric Koester is the 2020 Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year, a five-time bestselling author, and a two-time professor of the year.  He developed this program at Georgetown University based on his cutting-edge research into ambition (the science of accomplishing challenging things). In the past four years, he's helped 1,200 of his students create and publish their first books.

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New Degree Press is an independent publisher and distributor dedicated to empowering authors. We believe at the core of any good book is a community — a community of fellow writers and authors, a community of readers; and a team who can partner with you on every aspect of developing and promoting your big idea and story, from idea to writing to branding to book creation, promotion, and distribution.